Featured Projects

Mawhbah IT Company

The company is an industry leader in IT Services, providing complete solutions and creating value for all stakeholders from the resources and relationships they use to operate the business.

✔︎ Full corporate identity
✔︎ Website services

Mwasla Application

Mwasla is an application for mobility services, the application includes a lot of services such as a ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation and many more.

✔︎ Brand identity
✔︎ Ui/Ux design

YourCat Shop

An online shop in Saudi Arabia that provides you with all food and health supplies for pets, and finds all services and full care for your pet, You can also buy and order from their online store.

✔︎ Corporate identity
✔︎ Printing design

m2nTourism Company

The company provides tourism & travel services In and outbound egypt with various programs, meet & greet at the airport, hotel reservation, tours, flight reservation, tours programs.

✔︎ Full corporate identity
✔︎ Website services

SuperCard Agency

Is an Egyptian advertising and services agency that provides you with a discount card on many activities by registering through the website.

✔︎ Brand identity
✔︎ Website services

Sphinx Academy

The academy aims to develop swimming by following the best training programs
It provides the services needed by all swimmers with trainers at the highest level of competence and experience.

✔︎ Full corporate identity
✔︎ Website services

UmrahEasy Web-Engine

A website and engine that allows you to make reservations in religious tourism, Hajj and Umrah, and you can also choose the appropriate time and day in the best hotels in Saudi Arabia.

✔︎ Brand identity
✔︎ Website services

Hijaby Store

A brand specialized in selling hijab products and some Muslim women’s clothing.

✔︎ Brand identity
✔︎ Printing design

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