Mawhbah IT Company

About Mawhbah
In a Saudi where information technology is a major business,
Was founded with this in mind to offer solutions serve medium businesses,
service providers and enterprise markets.

The company is an industry leader in IT Services, providing complete solutions and creating value for all stakeholders from the resources and relationships they use to operate the business.

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We chose the Gold Package
to provide all designs.


We have prepared a special hosting to protect all data.


The whole project was delivered within a month.


We offer them all support in project modifications.

The Challenge

We implemented the design idea through elements related to IT service.

3 templates were implemented, then only one template was chosen, and then it was modified to suit the size of their audience.

The colors used are inspired by some colors related to the field of technology and some of them are from natural colors.

The font used is sans serif type, and the company name (Mawhbah Information Technology) has been merged into only 3 letters (MIT) for easier pronunciation and faster searching.

Brand Identity Concept

Icon Logo
Was made by the quotation marks or quota mark and they are symbolized by (“ ”) chosen to be part of the logo idea.
As for the oval wire on the outside, it refers to the Internet cable connected to the first letter and the last letter of the brand name.

Arabic Logo Icon Version
The figure refers to the first letter of the name موهبة in the Arabic language, which is the letter (م) with the last letter of the name (ـه).

English Logo Icon Version
Refers to the letter (M) in the English language and is the first letter of the name of the brand.

The programs that we use to support Mawhbah

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe XD

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